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Peter F. Pook Insurance Agencies Ltd. is your #1 choice for knowledgeable personal insurance advice. We specialize in ICBC Autoplan Insurance in Cloverdale, home insurance, condo insurance and apartment insurance.

Peter F. Pook Insurance Agencies have been serving loyal clients in Greater Vancouver for the past 60 years! Our first office was opened in Delta in 1962 and over the years the insurance team and our offices have expanded, yet the company has remained a family-owned business throughout the 60 years of operating.

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At Peter F. Pook Insurance, we provide a variety of personal insurance services including: 

  • ICBC Autoplan Renewals, New Plates, Transfers
  • ICBC Fleet and Commercial Vehicle Policies
  • Motorcycle Insurance (Private & ICBC)
  • RV & Motorhome Insurance (Private & ICBC)
  • Home Insurance
  • Condo Insurance
  • Apartment Insurance

Serving greater vancouver for 60 years!

Peter F. Pook Insurance Agencies have been serving loyal clients in Greater Vancouver for the past 60 years! Our first office was opened in Delta in 1959 and over the years the insurance team and our offices have expanded, yet the company has remained a family-owned business throughout the 60 years of operating.

Today the insurance tradition continues in the Pook Family. Four of Peter’s children now manage and own the business. Many of Peter’s grandchildren and their spouses are working in the insurance business too. The company now employs over 20 employees across the four locations. 

Unlike many companies these days, we care about our customers and see them as part of our extended family. Many of our clients have trusted our expertise and customer service for the past 30, 40, and 50+ years! We also have multi-generations of family clients who dealt with Peter back in the day, and they recommend that their children and grandchildren to go to us for Home Insurance, Condo Insurance and ICBC Autoplan insurance because we provided such a high-level of service.

Our Insurance Providers

ICBC Autoplan Surrey

Cloverdale Office Location

We are conveniently located in the heart of Cloverdale at the Cloverdale Crossing Mall at the corner of 176 Street and 64 Avenue. 

Address: 801-17685 64th Avenue, Surrey, BC  V3S 1Z2

Phone #: 604 576 8665

Fax #: 604 576 1709


 Nearby businesses: We are beside Starbucks and London Drugs. McDonalds, Save-On-Foods, and Tim Hortons are in the mall too.

Four Offices to Serve you in Surrey, Delta & Langley

We have four offices located in the lower mainland to serve you! Come see why many of our clients have trusted us with all their personal insurance policies for decades! Our offices are located in North Delta, North Surrey, Cloverdale, and Langley. We welcome anyone in the Lower Mainland to visit us today to see what we can do for your insurance needs. To see our other office locations, please click here.

ICBC Autoplan insurance in Cloverdale

We have been a trusted broker of ICBC Autoplan insurance in Cloverdale for over forty years helping our loyal clientele with ICBC renewals, new plate registrations, transfers of ownership, and everything else ICBC offers.

We can help with ICBC insurance for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, company fleets, motorcycles and collector cars. 

Our expert insurance advisors will help you get the best insurance coverage at the best price possible with ICBC. We will thoroughly review your policy, including vehicle coverage, liability coverage, vehicle use and explain all the discounts you may qualify for.

Unlike other brokers, we’ll take the time to answer all your questions and review your policy to ensure you have the right coverage and all the discounts you qualify for. 

They found discounts for me that other Brokers failed to mention!

The owner at this location is very knowledgeable, she noticed that another insurance broker had overcharged me for the area I was living in. I will be getting all of my insurance here from now on.

KB Valley  //  Customer since 2016

They saved me $650 per year on my two cars!

I stopped by their office for off-road insurance and asked the agent to also review the coverage on my truck. He found discounts that my other agent had not talked to me about and overall saved me $650 per year on my two vehicles! I will trust Peter F. Pook Insurance with all my renewals from now on.

Colton P.  //  Customer since 2017

No Commissions, No Sales Pressure

Contrary to the business model most insurance brokers operate with, we do not pay our employees commissions on sales. Instead, we’ve opted to pay our employees an above average salary without any commission incentives so that our employees are not financially conflicted by the potential earnings of recommending one insurance coverage over another. 

Why does this matter to you? 

Unlike most insurance brokers in Vancouver these days, you can trust our insurance agents will provide the best advice for your unique insurance situation and budget without the hidden agenda of making more money from recommending one coverage versus another, or up-selling you coverage you don’t need. We give you the straight details for the best price.

What we do not Offer

Please note, we are a personal insurance broker and do not offer all types of insurance. We cannot help you with most commercial insurance needs other than ICBC Fleet and Commercial vehicle insurance. Here’s what we do not offer:

  • Private Vehicle insurance
  • Commercial Real Estate insurance
  • Most Commercial Business policies
  • Vacant home insurance
  • We only offer Boat insurance if we have your home insured.

Senior's Discounts

icbc autoplan insurance in Langley

We understand retirement money is limited these days for many seniors. We strive to help our senior clientele save as much money as possible through various seniors discounts that are available to them with both ICBC autoplan insurance in Cloverdale and home insurance or condo insurance policies. 

There are seniors discounts available on cars, motorhomes, trucks, and motorcycles with ICBC. ICBC has also recently offered an additional 10% discount (off the basic insurance rate only) on all vehicles that are driven less than 5,000 kms per year. For seniors who don’t drive their car very far, this is a great additional saving. In order to qualify for this discount, you must bring a photo of your odometer from the same day or you can bring your car to the office so we can sight the odometer. The odometer must be logged for one year before you can qualify for the discount the following year.

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Address: 801-17685 64th Avenue, Surrey, BC  V3S 1Z2

Phone #: 604 576 8665     

Fax #: 604 576 1709


Choose Peter F. Pook Insurance for all your personal insurance needs in Cloverdale, BC. Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Cloverdale at the corner of two main streets; 176 Street and 64 Avenue crossing. We can help you with all your ICBC Autoplan insurance needs, provide you with house insurance or condo insurance to keep your home assets safe, and more!

Insurance FAQs


Do You Offer Private Insurance at Peter F. Pook Insurance?

No, at Peter F. Pook insurance we only offer ICBC Autoplan insurance for cars and trucks. We do offer private insurance for motorcycles and off-road vehicles. 


What are the Basic Insurance Requirements?

Every passenger vehicle in British Columbia must carry a minimum of $200,000 in liability insurance with ICBC in order to legally drive on a road or highway. Without this basic insurance, you will be subjected to a significant fine, your vehicle will be towed, and you may temporarily lose your drivers license, as well as potentially more fines from the government of BC. 

This minimum insurance coverage is used only in the event that you are involved in an at-fault accident to cover the costs of damages incurred from the motor vehicle accident pertaining to other people’s bodily injuries, damage to other people’s property or vehicles, and the cost of legal services. 


What else does ICBC’s Basic Insurance coverage provide? 

  1. Accident Benefits and medical coverage up to $300,000 per person
  2. Underinsured Motorist Protection up to $1 million per person
  3. Hit-and-run coverage up to $200,000
  4. Inverse Liability Coverage - If you’re in an accident where the local laws don't let you make a claim against the at-fault party, you’re covered under the inverse liability coverage provided by ICBC (only in Canada and the U.S.A).

You can be eligible for accident benefits if you fall under one of the following categories when in an accident:

  • Occupants of a vehicle licensed and insured in BC

  • Owner of Vehicle

  • Member of the vehicle owner’s household

  • Anyone hit by a vehicle while a pedestrian or cyclist


What are the Options for Third Party Liability Insurance?

You are only required to have basic insurance with $200,000 in third-party liability coverage in order to legally drive on the road here in BC. Additional liability coverage and own damage coverage is completely optional and you have the option to purchase optional coverage with either ICBC or a private insurance company. Typically we recommend a minimum of $2 million or more for liability insurance to ensure your financial future is not jeopardized in the event of a serious accident with multiple bodily injuries.

There are many options available for third-party liability coverage with ICBC on passenger vehicle. For large commercial vehicles, the limits are higher.

Your options for passenger vehicle third party liability are: 

  1. $300,000

  2. $500,000

  3. $1,000,000

  4. $2,000,000

  5. $3,000,000

  6. $5,000,000


What is collision coverage?

Collision insurance provides coverage to protect your vehicle in the event of an at-fault accident. If you are at-fault in an accident and your own vehicle is damaged with collision coverage, then you simply pay your deductible and ICBC covers the rest of the cost of the claim.

If someone else’s car hits your car, then this is not a collision claim. As long as you are not found to be partially at-fault for the accident, then the other driver’s third party liability will cover the damages to your car.


What is Comprehensive?

Comprehensive coverage applies to any other type of damage that can be done to your vehicle and that falls outside of the definition of a collision claim. Comprehensive insurance covers the following:

  1. Fire

  2. Theft

  3. Vandalism

  4. Damages caused by falling or flying objects (trees etc.)

  5. Accidents with live or dead animals


What is Specified Perils Coverage?

Think of specified perils as a super basic version of comprehensive coverage. It covers your vehicle in similar types of non-collision events but is much more limited than comprehensive coverage. The cost of specified perils is less than comprehensive coverage but specified perils covers less named perils. If you have any questions about specified perils vs comprehensive coverage, please ask one of our agents in the office.


What is a deductible?

An insurance deductible is the amount that the insured must pay when making an at-fault claim where there is damage to your vehicle. For example, you must pay the first $300 of a collision claim if your collision deductible is $300. If your deductible is set to $2500, then you must pay the first $2500 in the event of a claim and ICBC will cover the rest. The benefit to choosing a higher deductible is your monthly insurance payment will go down. The disadvantage of a high deductible is you will have to fork over more money in order to fix your car. Deductibles are a tool insurance companies use to minimize small claims on insurance policies and to be able to offer insurance coverage at different price points depending on the customers budget.

What deductible options are available?

ICBC offers 4 varying deductibles:

  1. $300

  2. $500

  3. $1000

  4. $2500


What does Loss of Use coverage provide?

Loss of Use coverage helps when you rely on your car or truck for work purposes or to get to and from work without a substitute option for transportation. When you buy Loss of Use, ICBC will cover the cost of a rental vehicle, taxi or substitute transportation up to the limit outlined in your Loss of Use policy. 

Generally, Loss of Use policies have a daily limit and a total limit. For example; say you purchase loss of use with a $100 per day limit up to a maximum total limit of $1000. This means they’ll cover the cost of a $50/day rental for 20 days, or a $100/day rental for 10 days. There are many different options available for Loss of Use coverage. If you’re interested in Loss of Use coverage, please ask us to review the limits with you when you’re in the office.


Is Your Car Covered by ICBC if You Drive in Mexico or Another Country (outside USA)?

No, your ICBC Autoplan insurance does not include coverage if you drive your vehicle into Mexico or Central America. ICBC coverage protects you and your vehicle anywhere in Canada or the United States only. All other countries are not covered. If you do decide to drive your car down to Mexico or Central America, you will need to purchase insurance from an insurance company in Mexico before entering the country.

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